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($33.24 Incl. GST)

Sabre Grip S30 is a high performance contact adhesive with a unique resin formula which creates a tough and resilient bond line between decorative surface materials and all common wood substrates.

(Previously Branded As Star 25 & Tensor L17)


• Fast Drying
• Good Heat Resistance
• High Solids
• Portable Systems, Fast application
• Industrial strength / Postform Grade
• High coverage (up to 7m2 per aerosol)
• High Strength Bond


Sabre Grip S30 is suitable for bonding HPL and fabrics to a variety of substrates including MDF, chipboard, plywood, and many other timber sheet metals. S30 is designed for permanent bonding of materials where immediate bond strength and high heat resistance is required. S30 can also be used for bonding sheet metals, where surface preparation is very important – surface must be degreased and lightly abraded with fine abrasive or non-woven material.

SAFETY DATA SHEET (sabre_grip_s30_sds_1.pdf, 134 Kb) [Download]

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET (data_sheet_maxilam_grip_s30.pdf, 312 Kb) [Download]