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Osmo Floor Brush 150mm



($86.42 Incl. GST)
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This floor brush is the ultimate applicator for Osmo flooring or decking finishes. The brush gives better control and spread, allowing the user to work the oil into the timber's grain.

Available in 150mm and 220mm widths. The brushes have a handle which allows them to be used either by hand, or have a handle fitted. A wooden broom handle can be used, or Osmo's telescopic handle. The Osmo handle is made of aluminium and has non slip grips for the hands. They are 1.2 metres long and extend to 2 metres. The handle has a locking mechanism to lock into the brush. Highly recommended. For full details, click on the image on this page.

The floor brushes are not recommended for applying Osmo products to cork flooring. Because cork is such an absorbent material, a wide blade paint scraper such as Osmo's double blade scraper should be used.