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Osmo Lightly Tinted Polyx

Lightly Tinted Polyx (Hardwax) Oil in 9 colour tones



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Polyx®-Oil Tints is normal Polyx®-Oil satin, which contains a small amount of coloured tint. It should not be considered as a product for staining timber, but as a finish which will create an even tone to a timber's grain. For example, the Polyx®-Oil white tint, will reduce the "yellowness" of a timber such as pine and macrocarpa, as well as reducing variations in grain colour to provide a more harmonious finish.

For interior use only. Suitable for use on timber floors and furniture and general interior timbers such as panelling. Polyx®-Oil Tints is suitable for use on timbers to which normal Oil can be applied. It is not recommended for use on timbers with high oil and resin content such as Matai, Totara, Kwila or Merbau.

Only one coat should be applied to timber flooring, followed by one coat of normal Polyx®-Oil. On non traffic areas such as wall panels, sarking etc, two coats of Polyx®-Oil Tints can be applied as the stand alone finish. Where a deeper stain is required, we recommend using one of OSMO's Woodwax Finish colours rather than Polyx®-Oil Tints .

Polyx Oil Tints are suitable for use on non-carbonised bamboo products only. Please check with the supplier of your bamboo before ordering Polyx®-Oil Tints.

Also available are Osmo Polyx®-Oil "Effect" colours, which are 2 unique, special effect Polyx®-Oil tints containing either gold or silver particles. Optimally suited for the decorative finish of darker wooden flooring such as smoked oak and jarrah etc. OSMO Polyx®-Oil "Effect" can be used on light coloured timbers, however, to get the special effect of the gold or silver sparkle, the floor needs to be stained black first, using OSMO Wood Wax Finish Black (3169) as the base coat prior to applying a top coat of either gold or silver "Effect". Please note that the cost of Silver "Effect" and Gold "Effect" is approximately double that of the other Polyx®-Oil Tints.

See Attachments for Colour chart and Product Info

Colour Chart (Polyx_Tints_Colour_Chart.pdf, 190 Kb) [Download]

Product Info (Polyx_Tints.pdf, 267 Kb) [Download]

Safety Info (3040-3075_Osmo_Polyx_Oil_Tints-GB-6.0.pdf, 83 Kb) [Download]