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Garden Furniture Oil - New Product

Garden Furniture Oil - New Product



($99.95 Incl. GST)

Osmo Garden Furniture Oil - New Product


. A clear oil based wood oil for all timber outdoor furniture that Protects and nourishes the timber

. Contains no biocides, so finish is food safe once cured

. Microporous stain allows timber to breathe, reducing swelling and shrinkage

. Water-repellent

. Easy application


Product Information


. Based on natural plant oils (soy and sunflower)

. Improves the appearance of garden furniture, giving the timber a "wet look"

. Surface will not peel, crack flake or blister if applied correctly

. Suitable for all timbers

. UV protection: Nil

. Easy to maintain

. Coverage is approximately 24 square metres per litre (depending on the timber)

. Drying time approximately 12 hours under normal climatic conditions

. Fully cured after approximately 3 weeks

. Available in 1 litre cans with screw cap lid.


More Information


. Being a clear finish, Osmo Garden Furniture Oil has no UV stability

. Depending on UV and weather exposure, recoat time is between 3 - 6 months

. Easy to maintain with a single coat applied to the clean and dry surface

. Recoat using a brush or oil dampened rag as and when needed

. Generally, no sanding needed when recoating unless timber is badly scratched

Please refer to the Product Information and Safety sheets attached.

Garden Furniture Oil Product Information (e8493dca3176191e-Garden_Furniture_Oil_028_1_.pdf, 586 Kb) [Download]

Safety Data Sheet (9c7518dc18fe74e9-SDB_028_Osmo_Garden_furniture_oil_clear-NZ-1.0-2022_1_.pdf, 167 Kb) [Download]

Preparing and Maintaining Outdoor Timber Furniture in NZ (d97b98e2a15e82a8-Preparing_and_Maintaining_Outdoor_Timber_Furniture_1_.pdf, 85 Kb) [Download]