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Clear UV oils for Exterior Timbers

UV oils for Exterior Timbers



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Osmo UV Protection Oils are a range of 2 clear and 3 coloured oils for new exterior timber joinery, pergolas, trellis, timber garden furniture and planter boxes etc.

The clear finishes are UV Protection Oil 410 and UV Protection Oil - Extra 420. The 410 has a low sheen, and is biocide free, which means it can be used internally on timbers such as window frames and other areas which are exposed to UV light. The 420 has a satin finish, and contains biocides. These "Extra" ingredients help fight mould and fungal attack. The 420 should only be used on external timber surfaces where food will not be present. The UV resistance is the same for the 410 and 420.

The coloured finishes are 425 Oak,426 Larch, 428 Cedar and 429 Natural. The coloured finishes contain biocides, and are not recommended for use on timber surfaces where food will be present such as timber outdoor furniture. UV Oil Natural 429 is optimally balanced with white pigments to retain the natural character of light coloured timbers such as pine and oak. It is not recommended for use on darker timbers such as kwila or jarrah etc, as the white pigment will give the timber a chalky appearance.

UV Protection Oils are not suitable for use on horizontal "walk on" surfaces such as decks, as the finish can become quite slippery when wet.

On a 2 coat application, the UV Protection Oils block the greying process of the timber by a UV protection factor of 12, when compared with untreated timber. This is a similar principle to the SPF system of sunscreens we use on ourselves.

In New Zealand, due to the high UV light we have, the clear UV Protection Oils have a lifespan of 9-12 months in fully exposed weather conditions, and 12-18 months in areas that are weather protected. For longer protection, we recommend using either 2 coats of one of the coloured UV Oils, or one coat of coloured oil and one coat of clear.

Osmo UV Protection Oils are water and dirt resistant, and are moisture regulatin - reducing swelling and shrinkage of the timber.

Easy to apply and maintain, the oil highlights the natural tones of the timber by giving it a "wet look".

Product information sheet and SDS for the UV 420 are available to download from the Attachments page. If you require the product information sheets or SDS for one of the other UV oils, please email our office.

Product Info (UV_Protection_Oil_Extra.pdf, 173 Kb) [Download]

Safety Info (420_Osmo_UV-Protection-Oil_Extra-GB-6.1.pdf, 103 Kb) [Download]