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Toughened Anaerobic - F201

200ml Toughened Anaerobic - F201



($108.87 Incl. GST)

Minimum quantity for "200ml Toughened Anaerobic - F201" is 1.

Permabond A134

Viscosity: 70,000 mPa.s (Thixotropic)
Handling Time: 15 min, Full strength: 24 Hours
Max Temperature: 150 °C
WRAS approval for potable water

A high strength anaerobic product designed for the permanent locking and sealing of metal parts. Its 'non-drip' formulation makes it suitable for use on larger fitting, coarse threads or for the renovation of assemblies where wide tolerances are expected due to damage or wear. A134 can extend the life of components by reducing the effects of corrosion in aggressive environments.

Permabond F201

Handling Time: 15 min, Full Strength: 24 hours
Max Temperature: 100 °C
WRAS Approval for potable water

Permabond F201 is an anaerobic adhesive which has been developed to give excellent resistance to peel and impact forces. This toughening, combined with good adhesion to
aluminium and copper alloys, makes it the first choice where relatively thin or lightweight components are being bonded which may be subject to "distortion" in service. It is also capable of resisting the thermal stresses that may be generated when bonding dissimilar surfaces. Permabond F201 is also suitable for contact with potable water.

Benefits of a Retaining Compound:
-Replace keyways, splines, expensive & time consuming fine machining for shrink or press fit
-Vibration proof - will not loosen over time
-100% metal to metal contact for better stress distribution
-Protects against metal fretting & corrosion
-Single part - no mixing required, easy clean up
-Ability to bond dissimilar metals, fast assembly
-Parts can be re-used and are undamaged
-Easy to apply
-No design change - standard parts can be used
-Machining tolerances can be relaxed = lower cost

Toughened Anaerobic - F201 (F201_TDS_1201.PDF, 170 Kb) [Download]